Situational awareness 101

Finally, a book that engages the reader at a their inner core.

Self Preservation


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Identity Theft Protection isn't a luxury; it's a Necessity


Are you protected against Identity Theft?

Having your identity stolen isn't a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when".

Did you know an Identity is stolen every 2 seconds?

Did you also know Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime?

If you're not being proactive about protecting your identity, then you're basically a sitting duck.

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Upcoming Training Classes & Locations

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New Situational Awareness Training class October 25, 2019

Location -  5.11 Tactical store

1975  E. Golf rd

Schaumburg, IL

6pm - 7pm

Friday October 25, 2019

Situational Awareness 101 books will be on hand for purchase at a discounted rate of $20 (cash only). Normally

$24.95 on Amazon

Situational  Awareness class is free and subjects to be covered will be on “Cold weather preparation for home, auto, and EDC bag.

Thank you to all who came out for the presentation. I greatly appreciate our time together.

Jay Johnson

A must have book for beginners “NOW Available on Amazon”

Anyone new to firearms should read this first, because "Being Responsible is No Accident"! If you want to know how to avoid costly mistakes and beginners errors my newest book is “Now Available”.

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Testimonial from my publisher at Outskirts Press

Dear Jay,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Outskirts Press for publication. I am pleased to say that your manuscript has been accepted! 

Before I summarize your next steps, here is my overall impression of your work: 

You have a very interesting and timely compilation. With the current issue of gun violence in our country, your book will be a valuable resource for those looking to better protect themselves and their familes.  I whole-heartedly agree – “Guns are to be respected, lack of an education on guns is to be feared”. Your book is well written and it’s clear that you have put a good deal of thought and effort into the development of your manuscript.

April 2019 Spirit Talk Podcast

It was a privilege to be on Chris Flemings  "April 2019" podcast.

Chris is an insightful, caring, and genuine person who is truly gifted.

Thank you again to Chris for having me on your show.

Radio Interview Podcasts "New podcasts monthly"

Chris Fleming interviews Jay Johnson about his new book Situational Awareness 101

Picture of Jay Johnson and Chris Fleming

Personal Protection Tips

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Live radio Interview podcast about Situational Awareness 101 on station W4Divas


Different Ways to Fortify your Home


Situational Awareness Day Interview

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My Qualifications

My Background

Picture of Jay Johnson the doing it right guy

I was bullied and teased a

lot as a kid through every level of school, until I started in martial arts when I was 15.

I still got teased but I handled it differently from there on out and never looked back.

I've never really fit in and still feel like I don't fit in as I'm not your typical guy.

I don't watch sports, drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs.

 I actually have a good sense of direction but more than willing to stop and ask for directions which many guys won't do.

I work out 4 days a week and can hold my breath for almost 2 1/2 to 3 minutes on a good day, and I like doing laps underwater instead of on top.

I was saved from drowning in a pool when I was a kid, then later on in life I saved 3  people from drowning.

I've been in a fair share of emergency crises situations and found myself heading toward the problem instead away from it.

I've learned many things in life but never claim to be a know-it-all, I just know a lot about what I teach in my books but there's always room to grow.

I don't like bullies and I don't like seeing people get picked on or taken advantage of. 

 These are just some of the reasons I spent 3 1/2 years putting a 360 page (50 chapter) book together called "Situational Awareness 101" (Because What You Don't Know "CAN" Hurt You!)

My Experience

I have an extremely diverse background that has afforded me the opportunity to pass on pertinent and useful information to the people I come in contact with. 

I've worked in law enforcement, asset protection, owned a martial arts school, EMT certified, rescue diver certified, proficient with most fire arms, martial arts weapons, weapons of opportunity, archery, outdoor enthusiast, author of 3 books, and a motivational speaker. 

I have some college but most of my training has been specialty training towards a specific skill as opposed to a general one. 

I like sharing with people in general the things I've done right in my life; but more importantly the things I've done wrong.

I like teaching people how to protect themselves not just physically but mentally by way of being more proactive than reactive.

You'll find throughout life that your mindset before something happens will make the difference in what you do and realizing what your options really are in time of need.

I'm currently working on an outline to do seminars (and possibly videos) for Situational Awareness.

The seminars will be geared towards teaching people how to look at situations differently they may encounter, and how they deal with them.

I'm also looking to publish another book by the end of the year on Firearms. 

Testimonial from my publisher at Outskirts Press

Outskirts Press logo

Dear Jay,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Outskirts Press for publication. I am pleased to say that your manuscript has been accepted!

Before I summarize your next steps, here is my overall impression of your work:

I can see an eager audience for this book's release.  You touch on very relevant topics without sugar-coating your way through it.  You have a strong narrative style, using your own life and background as a way to connect the lessons in this book with the reader.  There's no doubt we could all do with less ignorance and this book is a great first step to confidence.

Book a Speaking Engagement

Picture of Jay Johnson

If you have a specific product you would like me to endorse or would like to have me as your spokesperson for videos or commercials please contact me at


I'm also available for seminars and speaking engagements or interviews for TV, radio, pod casts, schools, and churches.

Retraining the mind is not that difficult if you are open to suggestions that help you understand certain reasons why most people think the way they do.

Anyone can create better habits but only when they're willing to give up their bad ones and incorporate new ideas.

Because of the diversification of subject matters in my book, there's something in it for everyone regardless of age or gender.

The goal in my training seminars is to teach useful skills that don't require much effort, but just a different way of thinking.

Motivational seminars can be useful, informative and fun, but the main problem is the motivation wears off soon after for most people.

My objective is to provide enough useful (yet practical information) that it inspires people to want to change for the better to improve the safety, security, and overall awareness in their daily lives.

Most people get started by motivation, but without inspiration it never seems to lead to transformation.


All 50 Chapters


I'm also available for seminars and speaking engagements or interviews for TV, radio, pod casts, schools, and churches.


Chapter 1: Common Sense; is it really common?

Chapter 2: How to Avoid Being Singled Out

Chapter 3: How to Give Yourself the Advantage

Chapter 4: Being prepared to go out before you leave home

Chapter 5: Avoiding Identity Theft (IDShield vs LifeLock)

Chapter 6: ATM’S / Carrying Cash 

Chapter 7: Travel Tips (Local and Abroad)

Chapter 8: What To Do If You’re Stranded- extreme heat/ cold/ remote area/ in auto and on foot. 

Chapter 9: What to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down in Traffic 

Natural Disasters and Emergency Preparedness 

Chapter 10: Parking Lot Preparedness 

Chapter 11: Long Term Parking - Restaurants/ Movie Theaters/ Shopping Malls/ Amusement Park’s/Carnivals/Fairs/ Airports/Zoo’s

Chapter 12: Electronic Devices (do’s and don’ts)

Chapter 13: Assailants Objectives/Motives

Chapter 14: Things Assailants Look For

Chapter 15:  What to Do If You’re Being Chased on Foot 

Chapter 16: Things to Consider When Working in; or Being Chased in a Building (Single Story/ High Rise) 

Chapter 17: Things to Consider When Being Chased Driving a Vehicle  

Chapter 18: How to Deal with Stalkers

Chapter 19: Whether or Not to Answer the Door 

Chapter 20: How to Minimize the Chances of Rape

Chapter 21: Immediately After a Rape; Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 22: Restraining Orders

Chapter 23: Spring Break Vacation

Chapter 24: College Campuses

Chapter 25: Natural Disasters and Emergency Preparedness

Chapter 26: PLB’s, SPOT messengers, SPOT in Reach devices, Satellite phones. 

Chapter 27: How to Purify Water, When, and Why

Chapter 28: Hiking Dangers Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 29: Camping/ Forest Fires/ Weather Conditions/ Navigation/ Outdoor Equipment 

Chapter 30: Fortifying Your Home- Visible and Non Visible Deterrents to Prevent Home Invasion (also includes) Lighting and Landscaping Deterrents around Your Living Quarters

Chapter 31: Security” Locks/Windows/ Doors and Specialized Glass 

Chapter 32: Home Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Also includes additional info on “How to minimize water intrusion around windows, doors, and walls”

Chapter 33: Gas Station/ Convenience Store Stops

Chapter 34: Hotels/ Motels/ Fitting Rooms/ Grocery Stores  

Chapter 35: Hiring Contractors and Service People

Chapter 36: Vacations/Tourist/Beach/ Cruise Ship

Chapter 37: Face Book Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 38: Less Lethal Weapons (includes Weapons of Opportunity)

Chapter 39: Interacting with Law Enforcement “Do’s and Don’ts”

Chapter 40: Defense of or Use of Knives

Chapter 41: Child Abduction Prevention

Chapter 42: Observation 101

Chapter 43: Public Transportation Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 44: Online Dating Services

Chapter 45: Are you a Creature of Habit?

Chapter 46: Mail Fraud - Mail Theft 

Also covers Credit Card – Debit Card Fraud

Chapter 47: Road Trips/Day Trips “Basic” Environmental Gear List

High Altitude Mountain, lower altitude mountain, desert hot/cold, woodlands, prairie.  

Chapter 48: The Customs Border Patrol and the 

Illegal Drug problem in the United States

Chapter 49: Tips on Clothing and Foot Wear

Chapter 50- Active shooter situation

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