About Us

Mission Statement

To raise ones awareness in different environments and to create a shift within the individual from being less reactive to be more proactive.

What inspired me to write this book?

My entire life and how it's unfolded is what inspired me to want to help others create more efficient ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

Anyone can be taught new skills that improve their livelihood, but only if they are willing to learn new habits and admit to themselves that a change needs to be made.

Remember, no one goes from motivation directly to transformation; inspiration is always in the middle.

If you're not inspired to improve your current situation, the likelihood of it changing for the better gets dimmer every passing moment.

Time is a luxury we simply don't have.

Training seminars and speaking engagements.

I am presently putting together a very specific outline for a training curriculum to teach as a seminar.

If you're interested in booking a seminar at your place of business, church, health club, school, or other types of locations please contact me direct by emailing me at jay@situationalawareness101.com or calling 1-800-295-8232 to work out the details.